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Babylon National School is a co-ed English medium school.


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    All the prestigious Academic Institutions aims overall development of its Pupils. Our school also aims for the both mental and physical development of our entire students


    • Hygienic Cafeteria
    • Resourceful Library
    • Science Lab
    • Computer Lab with internet
    • Doorstep Transportation
    • ICT Based Classrooms
    • World Class Education
    • Career Counseling
    • Presentation
    • Infirmary
    • Residential Facility
    • Value Education


    • Congenial and friendly Environment
    • Home away from home.

    Principal’s Message

    I sincerely acknowledge all the students, parents and guardians of Babylon National School for your trust on us in our joint endeavors geared to transforming the self and the society to become the pillar of your family, society and the nation as well. Since 1996, Babylon has been recognized as being a pioneering global education system in Nepal for those students who are in the hunt of global standards within their homeland, Nepal. At Babylon, we endeavor to offer innovative, reflecting best practices and catering for a broad academic range.

    Raju Rai


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    Babylon National School is a co-ed English medium school from PG.

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    22nd Jestha, 2077

    Parent's Meeting

    Babylon National School announces that students of Grade VIII have parent’s meeting through the Zoom meeting on 22nd Jestha 2077 (4th June 2020) Thursday.


    Event Info

    23rd Jestha, 2077

    Parent's Meeting

    Babylon National School announces that students of Grade VII have parent’s meeting through the Zoom meeting on 23rd Jestha 2077 (5th June 2020) Friday.


    Event Info

    What Parents are Saying

    Students can learn some basic IT skills by using computer in pre-primary level. Babylon has a separate computer lab for pre-primary level children. They can enhance listening skills, visual skills, and basic command skills through such classes. they can broaden understanding skills through the visual stories as well. Computer
    education in this stage can play an important role in students to learn better.

    Seetal Shah

    Parent of Ovia Shah

    ISA is the big achievement award for Babylon national School. The award denotes the standardization of educational excellence and other facilities. This school has enriched education through international work and support. The project has added an advantage to the overall image of the institution. The school complies with international rules and regulations. The school has given quality education for years.

    Manjita Bhandari

    Parent of Saman Bhandari

    The school has been able to apply Montessori and thematic teaching methods successfully to a large extent. I am amazed to see my daughter learning the basic ideas of all areas so quickly and with ease. The school’s efforts toward a child’s overall development are commendable.

    Smita Rai

    Parent of Sara Rai





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