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Babylon: Kindergarten

Babylon: Kindergarten

The second Curriculum Based Exhibition of Babylon Kinderworld is in progress now. We missed such opportunities in our schooling. But, we can encourage them by observing their creations. These toddlers have really labored hard to exchange their thoughts and ideas...

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Babylon: Digi School

Babylon: Digi School

From slate tablets to hornbooks and chalkboards to movie reels, technology has always played a role in how students receive and transmit information. Ballpoint pens, headsets, videotapes, photocopy machines, and countless other technological innovations have all been...

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Paving Path as IT Enabled School in Kathmandu

Paving Path as IT Enabled School in Kathmandu

Shaping the minds blended with fundamental human insights and basic technical skills are the yardsticks of fundamental transformations of educational intuitions in the contemporary world today. Facing the series of trails in last couple of years, the educational...

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School Activities

Curriculum Evening

Curriculum Evening

Curriculum evening is an established culture of Babylon National School. The school invites the parents/guardians of each Grade at the very beginning of every academic session to make the shared vision together with parents on classroom core values, mission &...

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School Operation Calendar-2022/23

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Babylon Buds: A Terminal News Letter

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Examination Schedule

  • चालु शैक्षिक सत्रको मध्य त्रैमासिक परिक्षा आगामी असोज २ गते आइतवार वाट संचालनमा आउने छ |
  • परिक्षा सुरु हुनु अगावै सम्पुर्ण विषयको विषयगत २० पुर्णाङ्कको मौखिक परिक्षा ( Viva Voce ) लिइने छ |
  • मध्य त्रैमासीक परिक्षाको परिक्षाफल आगामी मिति २०७९\०७\२३ बुधवार दिनको ९ बजे देखि ११ वजे सम्म विद्यालय प्राङ्गणवाट वितरण गरिने छ |

Viewpoints From Parents

संसारमा भन्ने हो भने अनलाइन शिक्षा र भौतिक रुपमा सुरु भएको शिक्षामा पढाउने तरिका मात्र फरक हो । भौतिक शिक्षामा Face to face interaction भएकाले पढेका कुरा लामो समयसम्म याद हुन्छ । अनलाइन शिक्षामा विद्यार्थीमा अनुशासन हुनै पर्छ किनभने शिक्षकले पढाको बेला विद्यार्थीहरु मोवाइलमा Game, YouTube चलाउदै बस्छन् ।

विनोद कुमार गुप्ता

अभिभावक, नैतिक गुप्ता

Speaker’s club is obviously a cornerstone in instilling leadership quality to young learners as speakers club has the features of public speaking and leadership. Effective communication skill and confidentiality in public speaking are the key parts speaker’s club accelerates to promote the leadership quality. I would like to suggest the school family to continue the program.

Shanti Rai

Parent of Savona Rai, Grade XA1

 It is my utmost pleasure to comment upon the rubric-based classroom teaching being implemented at BNS. This method of teaching and learning is scientific and result-oriented. This technique enables educators, learners as well as parents to think objectively about the progress of students.
Moreover, concurrent strategies adopted by BNS educational management are set to raise the achievements and standards of secondary education in Nepal.
Here’s earnest regards and best wishes to those concerned !

Sanjay Roy

Parent of Cyril Roy , Grade IX





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