The School Enterprise Challenge is a program like no other and my experience with it in three words are fast-paced, new and ambitious. I’m in grade VI and the youngest in a team full of ninth Graders.

I was able to learn a lot in various subject fields from the pre-project activities we had to do and the documents we had to submit. We were able to get practical experience running a live business as well as continue developing key life skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving. One of the best parts was being a part of a global movement of young entrepreneurs. We had to face various challenges and take risks to be able to successfully orchestrate and run a successful business. It was also great that we had teachers backing our team throughout the program.

Watch out other competitors! This project has made us at Babylon National School so much stronger in various entrepreneurial things and look out for our fourth project coming – 2079.

Kavya Dhakal

Grade: VIA1


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