Babylon is a place where students are encouraged to take initiatives and learn leadership skills, so that they can cope with the world outside the school premises. When matter comes to teaching and learning environment, Babylon is committed at availing all necessary facilities. Dedicated, qualified and enthusiastic facilitators leave no stones unturned and are always ready to go beyond established set of notions of teaching and learning to make the environment learning friendly. Be it physical infrastructure or psychological environment, it strives to put them at the best possible combination so that they bring fruitful outcome. It has invested its efforts in integrating e-learning in the school environment which has brought schools and students from overseas together and made it possible to create a platform for sharing experiences. Student exchange programs and classes from guest lecturers from around the world give student at Babylon a world-class learning experience.

I remember my school for the care that it gave me during my schooling. While imparting quality education Babylon helped me grow to maturity. It nourished my growth, taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge, helped me broaden my horizons and opened me up to never ending opportunities. It not only respects multicultural values, but also celebrates diversity. I can say this from my own experience as I was part of Babylon from 2060 to 2066 and it welcomed me with grace and throughout my schooling never let me feel marginalized. I feel proud to be a Babylonian. Thank you, Babylon, for all what you have given me.

Sanjay Shah
SLC Batch 2066
Non- gazette officer in MOFA

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