From slate tablets to hornbooks and chalkboards to movie reels, technology has always played a role in how students receive and transmit information. Ballpoint pens, headsets, videotapes, photocopy machines, and countless other technological innovations have all been “the next best thing” that will help students learn and ease the sting of learning.

Digital literacy plays a vital role in defining a child’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. In the same way, Babylon National School has brought the new curriculum (Digi Navigators) for computer science where most of the chapters are practical and engaging for students. This is a completely new syllabus for students as well as for teachers. This Digi book helps students to learn coding, computational thinking, online safety, and digital literacy. We are implementing this curriculum with different online tools to enhance digital learning. Online tools like scratch, sketch up, audacity, stop motion animation, and many more. Many of the students are loving and learning the new curriculum. Now, students’ digital literacy skills understand the basics of Internet safety such as creating strong passwords, understanding and using privacy settings, and knowing what to share or not on social media.

The dedication of the students towards coding, animation, simulation, online safety, etc. is very positive. This curriculum has made a positive impact on our classroom that has changed the way of teaching and learning computer science in a different way. In upcoming days the students will learn more new technology and tools to enhance digital literacy.

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