Her dream was to fly away
Like a butterfly in search of her
halcyon days.
Rays of sunshine lay upon her face
Illuminating her ambitions quite big for
her age
The day she broke out of her midget
Flourishing her colorful wings,
She flew the straight towards the
Seeking elation in the littlest of things
Years later, she came back with the
Bruised and with a broken wing
Where has she been?
Well she has been falling
The day she reached
Everything seemed fine
But the day she left
Every part of her was dying
Her dreams had been crushed
In this tremendous city of colossal
The same galaxy that looked exquisite
from far away
Has turned out to leave numerous scars
This universe is cruel, it isn’t easy
And for a girl so naive like her
Couldn’t stand all the judgment
And all she saw was a blur
She started craving solitude,
She missed her home
She didn’t care about her dreams
So, she jumped

Phurba Dolma Tamang

Grade: IXA1

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