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Students are expected to assist bus staff in ensuring that buses are in good condition and that transportation is provided safely. When riding on the bus, students are held to the behavioral standards established in the student Code of Conduct. Parents must ensure that their children understand and follow the 10 School Bus rules listed below:

1. Obey the driver or bus assistant.
2. Enter and exit the bus safely.
3. Stay properly on the prescribed seat and use seat belts if available.
4. Keep your hands, feet and other body parts to yourself.
5. Do not throw things.
6. Put nothing out of the window.
7. Remain quiet and do not disturb the driver or others.
8. No profanity, indecency, prohibited items, or vandalism.
9. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum.
10. Be responsible, be safe.


School doors are unlocked only at 8:15 A.M. We encourage you to send your child to arrive at school not earlier than 8:30 A.M. School doors will be relocked at 9:40. Anyone arriving after that time needs to enter through the main gate and check in at the school office.

Leaving During School Hours

No student may leave school compound during school hours without permission from the office. If you wish to take your child out of school before school hour time, you must first sign them out at the office. Please do not try to find your child prior to going to the office, as teachers and staff will not allow students to leave without having been notified by the office. Be prepared to show identification so that we may prevent unauthorized persons from attempting to make contact with your children. The office must be notified in advance if someone whose name does not appear on the emergency card is to pick up your child. We appreciate your cooperation with these safety measures.


Students are required to bring an application from parents explaining the reason for any absence. Medical reports should be submitted on request in case of long absence. A student who is absent is responsible for catching up with all the assignments. If a student misses a test, s/he will have to make up for it at a time that is convenient to the teacher.


Parents wishing to discuss problems with teachers should make an appointment with the teacher through the parent coordinator for a conference. Teachers cannot take time away from their students to visit with the parents during class. Parents wishing to visit a particular class should make arrangements with the teacher at least one day in advance. Parents are always welcome in Babylon School.


Babylon National School has a dynamic school website. The school has been familiarized by school information system. It gives online information to parents here and abroad. Apart from it, MMS(mass messaging system) which has been in use for the last eight years has become a part of information tool to school and parent. School rarely uses paper notice and messages unless it is unavoidable. Telephone to school authority and subject/class teachers are usual means of two way communication for the school. The school expects timely information from the parents in case of cell number changes.

Communication between the school and Parents

Please notify the main office of any changes with your home address and/or your duty/home/cell telephone number(s). In the event you are to be away for an extended period or you have no home phone, please notify the parent coordinator in writing of an alternate phone number and contact name. If any change occurs in your employment status after registration or during the school year, please notify it to the parent coordinator in order to correct your child’s records. Please notify the Parent Coordinator directly regarding changes in your home address. This should be done several days in advance. In this way, the school can successfully reach you within timely and appropriate manner. It also helps us to keep our student’s database updated.
The school has managed different means of communication channels to parents. They are as follow:
• Notice Copy
• Notice Board (1618014108905)
• School Facebook page
• School Youtube Channel

Dress Code and Personal Items

Our staff holds the highest aspirations for our students. To this end, we look distinguishing the academic environment from other social arenas. We believe that it is the responsibility of the school to stress decency, cleanliness and appropriateness of dress for school. In cases of questionable attire, the school administration will make the final determination as to whether or not certain attire is permitted. Students are expected to come to school in full uniform. They should be well groomed and have clean nails, hair, and teeth. Uniform should fit properly and neatly ironed. Boys’ must have short hair cut. Girls hair should be plaited on two sides and put house ribbon. The frocks of the girls should cover two inches below the knee. Uniform guidelines should be strictly followed. If they break the dress code rule, they will have to face the consequences which can lead to being sent home.

  1. Students must wear school uniform prescribed by the school
  2. Girls’ skirt should be two inches below the knee.
  3. School uniform without inappropriate measurement is not permitted.
  4. Pants must fit properly and be belted at the waist.
  5. No flip-flops or party shoes permitted.
  6. Make-up and perfume are strictly prohibited. Parents will be called to bring a change of clothes when the dress code has been violated.

Personal Valuable Property/Electronics

The school strongly discourages wearing jewellery. Bringing money, expensive toys and personal items like ipods and cell phones are strictly forbidden. The school will not be responsible if a student loses valuable items at the school. Such items will be confiscated if seen in the possession of a student. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities when the school takes such disciplinary actions. Students and parents are discouraged bringing gifts to teachers or the school staff.

Lost and Found

We expect students to be responsible for their belongings. Parents are urged to mark their children’s name clearly and permanently on books, exercise copies, sweaters, house jackets and all other personal property so that they may be returned if misplaced. However, if personal items get lost, students are expected to check in the Lost and Found Box in the school office. If items are not claimed within fifteen days they will be donated to charity.

Result Publication and Distributions

Babylon School will have four term examinations throughout the academic year. Each examination will have 2:15 to 3:00 hours paper pencil examination. Result preparation and distribution will be followed by not more than seven days of the last day of the examination held in every term. Answer script and grade sheets will be provided on the same day of the result distribution. Students and parents are encouraged to go through the provided paper and discuss in the following day class with subject teachers for the feed back or for suggestion.


It is the policy of the school that students in junior grades will have 2/3 subjects homework per day. Students in the Primary Grades to Secondary Grades will have homework of 4 subjects or assigned as deemed appropriate by the teacher everyday followed by reading Assignments. In addition, all children will benefit from reading at home on a nightly basis. For young students who do not yet read independently, this means an adult should assist in reading. Homework may be independent practice on skills already taught in the classroom. Work on special projects, or assignments is designed to involve the family in the learning process. Parents can help by providing adequate good learning environment for homework to be completed.

Private Tuition

BNS strongly discourages private tuition due to the disadvantages of private tuition. It will not only make your child dependent but will also make him/her inattentive in the class. Please do not employ private tutors as a substitute for the quality time that children need to spend with you. Please do not get into pressure that you have to provide private tuition for your child because your friend is doing so. Teachers at BNS do a thorough job of teaching the children and cater to the students’ needs and coach the students who require special attention within the school hours.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are very important for children who are often eager to celebrate them at the school. BNS, however, discourages celebrating birthdays at the school. Birthday parties at the school disrupt classes, especially because celebrations will be a frequent happening as the student body gets larger and students feel pressure to compete with their friends. We discourage children from giving gifts on birthdays, but they can make a special card for their friend. Giving expensive gifts to friends is strongly discouraged. Birthday celebration is strictly forbidden in secondary level.

Access Card

Access Card will be required for students to go through the Rest Room, Drink Water, Account Section and Reception during class hours. Any time it is necessary for a student to be sent out of a class he/she must obtain an Access Card from his/her teacher.


The students are expected to respect the rules and regulation so that the operation of the school would be smooth and each students contribute to make BNS a better place for learning. The entire BNS students are expected to be noble in every sphere of learning and every walk of life. They are expected to be enthusiastic in every classroom activities.

The students of Babylon School will:

• Follow the rules, guidelines, and policies of the school.
• Be aware of the academic requirement for the merit list in all subject areas.
• Attend classes on time and be prepared with the required materials and assignments.
• Contribute positively toward creating an atmosphere that enhances learning.
• Be responsible while handling the school equipment.
• Cooperate with those who have designated duties, including teaching as well as non teaching staff, older students and parents.
• Respect other students as well as teachers, visitors, and the members of the non teaching staff.
• Display common courtesy and good manners.
• Greet teachers, visitors, and other members of the staff.
• Solve any kind of problems in the non- violent way.
• Be proactive and display leadership qualities.
• Make an effort to be inclusive and discourage ‘cliques’ from forming within the class.
• Help other in need both inside and outside the school.
• Develop a positive attitude.

Personal Books and Stationery

Students are expected to buy the books and stationary supplies as per the list given to them at the very beginning of the academic year. The school provides only books that are locally unavailable. Materials not used in the classroom on a regular basis should be kept at home and brought to school when needed.


The medium of instruction at BNS is English. They have to speak English to get good practice. The school encourages students to be fluent both in spoken and written English.

Early Leaving

Students are not allowed to leave the premises during school hours. If they have to leave early due to some circumstances, earlier information is required from their parents and get signed of early dismissal register by parent and guardian. Students cannot leave before the end of the school day without authorization from the office.

Promotion Criteria

The students need to come to the merit list to be promoted. If they don’t come to the merit list, they are expected to repeat the same class.

School Environment

Each student is expected to be eco-friendly and contribute toward conserving resources and improving the environment.
Littering is strictly prohibited.

  • Chewing gum is not allowed in the school premises.
  • Recycling is encouraged and plastic bags are discouraged.
  • Safe drinking water is available in school. We shouldn’t waste it.
  • Lights and fans should be turned off when classrooms are not being used.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining their classrooms neat and tidy.
  • Students will not scribble or scratch on their desk or on any other furniture

Unacceptable Behavior

In addition to the rules mentioned above, the following conducts are considered strictly unacceptable and will warrant rigorous and immediate disciplinary action:

  • Stealing
  • Insulting or abusing a fellow student, teacher or any member of the staff or school community.
  • Close physical contact, public display of affection and sexually explicit behavior.
  • Bringing pornographic materials to school.
  • Using abusive, sexually explicit or foul language.
  • Fighting, bullying and harassment of any kind (physical, verbal or written).
  • Bringing weapons or other forbidden objects to school.
  • Possession, sale or use of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
  • Playing cards, visiting game parlour.
  • Cheating, lying and other unethical conduct.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Unexplained absences and truancy.
  • Leaving school premise without permission.
  • Negligence of and disregard for school property and vandalism
  • Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Disciplinary Action for Unacceptable Behavior

When there is a problem with a student, s/he is always given the opportunity to explain and give her/his side of the story to the concerned teachers and administrators. Depending on the nature of the breach of school rules, students may be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

a) In-school Suspension:

When a student is required to work in school but isolated from other students for a period of time. Privileges will be curtailed at the discretion of the teacher. This may include being denied after-school activities, sports facilities, lunch-break, playtime, completion of class assignment etc.

b) Out-of-school Suspension:

The student is not allowed to attend school for a period of time but does all the work on his/her own at home without teacher’s supervision. During the period of suspension from school, it is declared that the student is under probation and subject to any further decision.

c) Early Dismissal :

The behaviors that are considered to be major breaching of school rules will result in non-negotiable consequences and will be warned of immediate expulsion or will be expelled immediately. This can be a single act of grave nature such as:

  • Theft.
  • Vandalism.
  • Carrying or using dangerous weapons or objects.
  • 18 BABYLON NATIONAL SCHOOL, Student Parent Handbook, Academic Year 2019/20 Possession, use or sale of illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Possession of pornographic materials Sexually explicit behavior.
  • Any action that endangers the safety of self and others.
  • Repeated violation of school rules can also result in expulsion.

Role of Parents

The role of parents in the growth and well being of the child is of paramount importance. Research has shown time and again that whenever parents and schools work together children are happy and stimulated. Working together, the school and the parents can expect a much better “product” – the child – than if each of them decides to work alone. BNS respects the important role of parents and seeks their wholehearted collaboration. We have observed that it is essential for children to have supportive parents who believe in the school’s philosophy that enable them to work at their academic and social potential.
There are many events held by the school where parents are invited. We request that you make the time to come to see these events and be a part of the BNS family. As children get older they may not be too enthusiastic about pressing you to attend these events. Please be aware that your presence always encourages your children. So please make it a point to attend where students are supposed to take part in academic activities being conducted in the class to prove their reading competency.

Availability of Books

The books are available at Trishna Stationery, Katyani Chowk (+977-1-4109000)

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