Students mainly focus on getting good grades and doing well in their studies, but it’s just as essential to widen your horizons.

One of the best decisions you can make for your future is to learn a new skill that will help create more opportunities or even boost income.

Here are 10 high-income skills worth checking out! 

Top 10 High-Income Skills

  1. Youtube Content Creator
  2. Video and Audio Editor
  3. Content Writing
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Copywriting
  8. Sales
  9. Web Design & Development
  10. Coding (Software/App Developer)

Above are the high-income skills that you can learn apart from studies.

So, let’s dive into these skills in detail.


Youtube Content Creator

You can create videos in anything from documenting your daily life as a vlog or making specific videos in makeup tutorials, fashion videos, gaming videos, language channels, food vlogs, education vlogs, etc.

How to become a Youtube Content Creator?

The best way to begin YouTube is to try it as a hobby. You don’t need to have a video production team or fancy gears.

You can join the YouTube Creator Academy, where they teach everything to help you get started on the platform.

Likewise, there are also courses made by prominent YouTubers to help you start.

Learning Resources

YouTube Creator Academy, YouTube videos, courses on platforms like Skillshare, and courses by YouTubers.


Video and Audio Editor

Having video and audio editing skills will help you a lot to land a well-paying job where you can help small to big businesses to edit their videos.

There is a growing demand for editors to help YouTubers edit their videos or podcasters to edit their audio files. The more refined your editing skills are, the more projects you get to work on. 

How to learn Video and Audio editing?

The best way to learn video and audio editing is by starting with simple software. You can take an editing course too. 

There are many free and paid editing courses out there, which can help you learn the skill.

Learning Resources

Editing classes, online free/paid courses, free videos on YouTube.


Content Writing

Content writing is an art form that has the power to inform and inspire people. The goal of content writing isn’t necessarily just to sell right away but rather to increase brand awareness and tell stories and beliefs in front of potential customers.

Content writing provides customers with enough information to decide whether they would like to do business with you.

How to learn Content Writing?

It all depends on your writing skill. You must have the ability to research and collect enough truthful information on the given topic to write content. 

You can begin content writing by joining an IT company as a content writer. Likewise, you can also enter any business organization as their in-house content writer or do freelancing.

Learning Resources

Crash course by professionals, books, and blogs.

The day you became a better writer is one of the most recommended pieces to read.


Graphic Design

A graphic designer creates different sorts of graphics as per the company’s needs and aesthetic. You have to be creative enough to listen and deliver what clients need and suggest ideas. 

How to learn Graphic Design?

You can learn graphic designing through free videos on YouTube. It is all about practicing and creativity. You have to learn specific tools to create various designs. 

Learning Resources

YouTube videos, blogs, Canva, certificate course.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before showing any result to the searcher, a search engine like Google filters millions of pages and decides which one to show. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps the website land on the first page, increasing the chance of visibility.

As an SEO specialist, you will help business organizations to rank their web pages to increase organic reach. 

How to learn SEO?

You can learn SEO by reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube. Some courses teach you the fundamentals of SEO, which is also a great way to start. 

SEO is a continuous learning thing. You have to learn to adapt to new changes and involve them in the website for better results. 

For SEO Training in Nepal, you can visit Orka Socials that provides a free SEO Course. It will give you the boost needed to learn Search Engine Optimization.

Learning Resources

Blogs from industry experts, Google updates, online courses, books.


Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing means earning a commission if someone buys any product through your link. It is one of the ways YouTubers and bloggers make money. 

If you like any specific product and have ample knowledge about it, then you can start a blogging page for that and use your affiliate link to sell it on your site. Every sale will bring you a commission. 

How to learn Affiliate Marketing?

Many courses teach affiliate marketing. Research on YouTube and try learning from free videos before buying any course. 

Learning Resources

YouTube videos, blogs, courses on a platform like Skillshare.



Copywriting is a specialization for creating lead copy for businesses to boost sales. The income in this industry rises gradually with time, experience, and networking. 

The work of copywriters can be seen in written form online, in print, on radio, or on TV. The copywriter designs copy for market-specific services or products. The work includes creating slogans for advertisements, product descriptions, email marketing, articles, and blogs.

How to learn Copywriting?

Copywriting doesn’t need any specific training. To become a good copywriter, you must have a solid grasp of language and an understanding of human behavior when it comes to buying things. 

Copywriting is all about selling things, and if your copy can sell things, you can do it anywhere. 

Learning Resources

Read blogs and books about copywriting. Check out examples of winning copywriting online. You can also learn copywriting from professionals on various online platforms like Skillshare.



Every company needs sales. It’s all about selling their service or product at the end of the day. And if you can help them sell, you will become the gem of the company.  

How to Learn Sales?

Being good with people can help you with sales to some extent, but there is more to selling things.

You have to learn lead generation on the web via social platforms or websites. Email marketing, online advertisement campaigns, interactive polls, community building, etc are some of the new approaches to increase sales.

Learning Resources

Books on sales, case studies, and courses.


Web Design & Development

Web designers often create websites without using any code. They make sure the user experience is top-notch. 

For instance, UX designers work on the face of the website and mobile application. Likewise, there are back-end developers who work on the engineering part of the site or application.

How to learn Web Design and Development?

There are many courses free and paid out there to learn web design and development. You can specialize in both or anyone. 

Learning Resources

Certificate programs, books, and online courses.


Coding (Software/App Development)

Coding doesn’t only mean creating a complete application. You can specialize in a specific programing language and make it your side hustle. 

You can learn programming languages, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or machine learning.

How to learn Coding?

Many free online courses teach coding. You can do undergrad or master’s too in programming. Likewise, there are several paid certificate programs available too to learn to code. 

Learning Resources

Traditional college degrees, free online courses, certificate programs, and paid courses.



It’s always good to possess some in-demand skills up your sleeve. Having any one of these skills will be advantageous in finding the right career path for yourself, so take some time and see what interests you the most, and go ahead with it. 

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