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आदरणीय अभिभावक ज्यू, उपर्युक्त सम्बन्धमा यस बेबिलोन नेशनल स्कूलले आफ्ना अभिभावकहरुलाई समयमै सूचना पु¥याउन र

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Student Articles

Sandeep Lamichhane

A young promising Sandeep Lamichhane is a Nepali Cricket player who currently plays for the Nepal National Cricket Team. He is the rising star of Nepal. He is a right-handed leg spin bowler and a batsman. He was born in August 2, 2000 AD in...

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Sparrows on the mango treeSparrows on the grassSparrows on the windows-sillAnd on my looking glass!Sparrows on the gravel pathAnd on the garden chairSparrows by the lily poolYou find them everywhere!

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Discipline is what my parentstressed on,It is what my teachers makeme go on.Discipline everyone should follow,Without it life will be hollow,It is in academic, sportsand everywhere,Makes a confident mind without fearDiscipline is school plays animportant...

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Babylon National Higher Secondary School is a co-ed English medium school from PG to +2 levels in management stream.

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