Pre-Primary Approach

Moti Kala Rai

Pre-primary education commonly refers to the early education of children. It’s my pride to introduce Babylon Pre-primary section hereby. It has its own history since the establishment of this school.

Talking about young Children they are buds which bloom tomorrow so we care and nurture the buds till they bloom.

We provide a safe and caring environment for young children to explore, evoke and build self -confident and self-esteem, with these children learned to accomplish a task and make their own decision. The main objective of pre-primary education is to develop a child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically in order to build a broad foundation for lifelong learning.

The thematic approach in Pre-primary classes has been effective since curriculums are connected and integrated within a theme. It makes learning more natural and meaningful. Activities and lessons in the class will be centered on a particular theme. Besides,  academic degree and  knowledge our objective is also to make them aware of our culture, norms, and values which are more important and this is given through thematic activities.,

Pre-primary is the first time most children are exposed to a classroom environment. Teachers in the pre-classes use several teaching methods with lots of different teaching materials to ensure that each student is learning what he/she needs to know. We follow the common strategies to bring learning outcomes in young minds.

  1. Morning Circle Time: We want our students to be ready to go for the class where we do several activities in the morning circle time like singing rhymes, some simple physical movements (Fine Motor Skills), and fun games at the same time recalling the taught lessons and so on.
  2. Practical Life Exercise: The aim of practical life activities is to help develop social skills, as well as strengthening the intellect, connection, and personal will.
  3. Reading Activities: we relate the real world learning in the form of the storytelling method.
  4. Writing Activities: We not only focused on content writing but also encourage them to write beautifully since handwriting is the first impression.

The other objective of Babylon Preschool education is to prepare children emotionally, mentally ready for formal schooling i.e. primary classes.

Pre-Primary Coordinator
Moti Kala Rai 

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