Integrated curriculum is in application for the students of Grade – I to Grade – III. The classroom furniture is well set up for Micro group formation.  Activities based teaching is in progress in Mathematics, English and integrated subjects like  Hamro Serophero and Science. Integrated curriculums are taught by thematic guidelines. There are specialized teachers for the subjects like Creative art, Physical Education, Nepali, Dance and Music.

This level is best characterized as marvelous physical, emotional and intellectual growth of a child. We need to develop conceptual understanding of every essential thing in this level. The mentors go for the pastoral care of the pupils to link their conceptual understanding into the real-world experience. A well set up curriculum within national framework designs the balanced of subject area. We are committed to instill some basic life skills to simplify the journey of life. Innovative conceptual ECA/CCA such as speaker’s club, reader’s club, Edu play etc. are in enactment.

Primary Co-ordinator
Anita Sigdel





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