Rubric is typically a basic evaluation tool or set of guidelines used to promote the consistent application of learning expectations, learning objectives, or learning standards in the classroom to measure the attainment on the basis of set of criteria. We have ensured the teaching faculties to prepare rubrics and upload in the google classroom as flipped materials so that the students will get in touch with the basic concept at home but while teaching, we display the rubrics in the ICT board so as to make learning effective as we are unsure about whether hundred percent students go through the rubric or not.

Another part why we send the rubrics to parent is with assumption that they will cooperate us by cross questioning their ward on the basis of prepared rubric. Moreover, we have prepared a google sheet where the teaching faculties scrutinize the attainment of the knowledge by the students making the criteria to evaluate through test, viva, oral questionnaires and other feasible exam tools and mention the level of the students in the sheet. The prepared sheet with level of indications is shared to all the concerned department of the school so that the school authority will screen the performance of the students and recommend the strategic outlet to the needy one. These are the attempts we put forward to bring academic excellence in every single child.

The rubric evaluation sheet will be mailed to the parents on the result publication day stating the level of the child. The ultimate goal we envision is to impart quality education by the use of well set up plans called rubrics.

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