Secondary Approach

Babylon, a smart community with high expectation and high academic achievement, strongly committed to empowering and inspiring all students to excel as lifelong learners. The school has strived to provide world class facilities to limited number of children in the classroom. Our basic objective is quality output in teaching/learning pedagogy. We have complete paradigm shift in term of our approach, facilities, pedagogies and philosophy. ICT based classes, art of state infrastructure, well trained faculties; varieties of curriculum, life skill classes, strict implementation of progressive learning methodologies (PLM), non-corporal punishment, connecting classrooms and international visits are some of the indicators that justify the paradigm shift of the whole school system. The school has a wing taken as the think tank to introduce advanced research in the educational area throughout the world and guides the teaching faculties with refreshing professional development training on bases of the latest innovation in the world.

We are specially focused on discipline, language, handwriting, working culture, life skills, endurance capacity, learning environment, deadline based performance and result oriented output from each and every stake holders of the school which may go contrary to bulk of general schools that neglect such particular areas despite full-fledged understanding letter grading system and run back to rot learning for the sake of examination only.

Secondary Co-ordinator
Dipesh Thakuri

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