I feel very proud to be the part of Babylon National School. In my opinion school is the only institution which produce not only academically sound citizens but also the socially and spiritually well beings to enhance the welfare of the community and society.

The main motto of BNS is to impart the quality education for all in a secure and caring environment, which sums up the ethos and commitment of all staff to cultivate the potential of every child, developing personal excellence in a caring environment. Appreciating the concept of John Dewey, Plutarch and other educational expertise, I also follow their ideas, “The Mind Is Not a Vessel That Needs Filling, But Fire That Needs Igniting”. But the existing system of education does not enable a person to stand on his/ her own feet, nor does it teach him/her self-confidence and self-respect. The future of nation depends on the aptitude and propensity of its citizens. So, our school has developed many strategic plans under the ECA and CCA to boost up morale and ethics of our students.

Besides the focus in academic aspects BNS has tried to enhance the creativity of students through different activities out of classroom teachings too. And the students have been able to bag in several shield and trophy due to their outstanding performances in different domains like Sports, Dance, Music, Debates, Quiz and Fine Arts in national and international level as well. Thus, BNS has provided a strong platform to encompass the diverse field to pursue the goal of multi-dimensional aspects of the students. Education, in fact, is the manifestation of perfection that is already in the latent form in every human being.

We feel honored to get utmost support of our guardians and for their feelings of ownership towards school. We expect every guardian to become actively involved in all aspects of their own child’s education. We are continually very proud of our history, our values, our outstanding facilities and the high standards achievements by our students. I believe that each student is intelligent in their own but we need to kindle the domain in which they are the best and let them flourish in the same.

In BNS success for all students is ensured by the delivery of an enriching and structured curriculum and the whole team of school are centered on students’ welfare that focuses on the positive recognition of student achievements. All students are taught the skills and values necessary for success in education, life and work. While leaving BNS, we find in them the capability, confidence and independence for further study which help them to make a positive contribution to our society.

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